Photo: Thomas Skroch AD Germany

Photo: Thomas Skroch AD Germany

After restoring an old timber frame house in the Italian Alps I discovered my passion of working with wood creatively. 

The strong idea of building meaningful and functional furniture has followed my paths ever since. As a self taught furniture maker I learned from many trade books. Making chairs out of my basement I got to know my neighbor a joinery master who worked in the guild for more than 50 years.

I started to set up a workshop at my old farm house in Italy where I stayed without electricity focused on building chairs.

The idea of using mostly traditional tools and techniques has influenced my work a lot.

Being a full time woodworker for the last years in the States I am back in Freiburg Germany.

Here I teach handtool woodworking courses and offer one of a kind pieces on comission.

For more information  feel free to contact me directly.